I would rather chew through my own colon than chew on an organic graham…

Green is Obscene

By: What is the Opposite of Green?

This weekend I did an assessment of some products in my home and was distraught over my findings:

It is very important to me that these matches comply with strict socioeconomic and environmental standards!

For shame! I like this one.

Fine, this one too.

Ew! I’m green!

To make matters worse, I decided to take a detox bath with Epsom salts this weekend (that sounds bad enough) and almost cleaned my shower with vinegar and Dawn dish soap first. VINEGAR AND DAWN DISH SOAP. I did stop myself, but for realz! What’s next… I stop wearing deodorant and start baking with spelt flour and carob chips?!

In the green scheme of things, I guess these few things aren’t SO bad. I really like that Method cleaner (even if it does have that Lorax-approved message on the side of the bottle). But it smells nice and whatevs, it’s not TRULY all natural, anyway. Just to ensure I wasn’t on a slippery slope to hippie-ville, I also found these products among the natural junk, which made me feel better:


I would rather chew through my own colon than chew on an organic graham.

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