CNN: Israel Must Negotiate with Terrorists

I have a better idea! Give everyone in the Gaza Strip 48 hours to gather their little bit of crap up and get out, and then go in with ground troops.

Hamas and the Hamas supporting Palestinians can go to Egypt or Iran or get killed.

Gaza problem solved…


CNN – has the solution for the Middle Eastern turmoil that has flared anew over the last month or so between the terrorists of Hamas and Israel: Israel should drop that whole “they are terrorists” thing and recognize Hamas as a legitimate government player and negotiate directly with them.

For CNN, Ed Husain says that calling Hamas terrorists is a “nonstarter” in Palestine and other Arab communities. Even residents of “non-Arab Pakistan,” Husain says, “refuse to label Hamas as a ‘terrorist’ organization.”

Husain claims that because the radical Islamists surrounding the State of Israel support terrorism, then everyone else should understand this and simply accept it. Of course, the fallacy here is that accepting something doesn’t make it right.

Regardless, Husain’s solution is to treat Hamas as a legitimate entity and stop trying to insist they change their genocidal aims.

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