Benghazi-Gate – Hey John McCain, Nobody Gives A Flying Rat’s @ss About Rice – Go After Obama

Not another word about Rice – you have Obama lying about it himself — SEVERAL TIMES!!!

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  • BC

    He says himself that Rice is NOT the issue, and tries to move on to Obama — Fox keeps bringing him back to her.

    He knows that he doesn’t need Rice because he has Obama saying the same thing.

    It is all tie together, so go for Obama and you won’t have to worry about her.

  • Jimmy Z

    For some, John McCain can’t even tie his shoes right. I’m no fan of Mr. McCain, but the issue here is Susan Rice because her appointment as Sec. of State must be stopped. That’s where McCain has the most effect right now. Rice exposes Obama. It’s all tied together. McCain is standing up and speaking out – good for him. Everyone should call his office and encourage him to continue.