New allegations of high-level Benghazigate cover-up – Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl – 11/26/12

This is pretty big coming from the Senate Minority Whip.  Maybe if John Boehner would stand real close to  Kyl it would make him feel like he has some  some balls.

And BTW, listen to the part in here about John McCain so that you can take his Rice statements in context.

It has never been about Rice and McCain is smart enough  to know it. I have been saying for days that he is not letting up on her — he knows damn well that there is no way in hell that she will allow herself to go though a Senate conformation. Obama has just thrown that out there to make her seem more ethical and honest — implying that she would be able to withstand the scrutiny.

She can’t, and she won’t. McCain knows that she is not actually going to be Secretary Of State.

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