Atheist Doofus Richard Dawkins Tells Ben Stein That We Came From Little Green Men

When pressed atheists are forced to admit that their unbelief in God is based on faith. And they are willing to accept some pretty ridiculous fairy tales to make their religion more palatable to their own twisted minds.

Did you know that these so-called men of science find intelligent design perfectly reasonable as long as God is left out of it? Some like the famed atheist Richard Dawkins go as far as believing that life was created by little green men from outer space.

Dawkins is so many steps behind Ben Stein that he doesn’t even realize that he is being ridiculed.

So life was seeded by Martians – seriously? How did the martian life start? And how did the life that seeded the martian life start? And how did that life start? And how did that life start? It is clear that Dawkins doesn’t have an answer.

He is a totally clueless dimwit, bitterly clinging to his illogical faith. He might as well be drinking arsenic and slinging a rattlesnake over his head.

Oh, and since atheists protest, cry, and whine for being depicted with horns here is proof that is ever bit as plausible as their religion they preach and push as science. 

Yep, it is true — sometimes they are small and hidden with hair, but if you look  close enough they all have them.

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