Mark Levin – Fat Cat Takes A Dream Vacation

Update: From “Big Hairy News” – Vacation Photos Starting To Come In

Scooter Van Neuter (Hawaii) – While the US economy teeters on a fiscal precipice, the first family is preparing for an extravagant 20 day Hawaiian vacation. According to the General Accounting office, the trip will cost taxpayers “at least $4M – possibly more if Michelle discovers the Fatburger several miles away.”

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2 Responses to Mark Levin – Fat Cat Takes A Dream Vacation

  1. WhiteFalcon1 says:

    Ole barry is going to need a bigger board…say the aircraft carrier Enterprise for starters!

    • bob says:

      It’s just obscene how they revel in using OUR hard earned tax dollars with complete abandon. They have no shame and no conscience. It’s their racist way of getting back at whitey.

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