Make A Liberal’s Head Explode: Sponsor A Chunk Of Noah’s Ark!


You just know that this has got to be irritating the crap out of the God hating liberals.

It doesn’t matter if you believe in the flood or not, buying a peg to help build it will give you a warm and fuzzy just thinking about the steam blasting their ears.

This is not going to be some cheesy little exhibit. This ark is going to be life sized and nice like the Creation Museum.


(AIG) When Noah built the Ark, it stood as a symbol of salvation. No doubt Noah preached that only those who went through the Ark’s door would be saved from coming judgment. What if we built the Ark (out of wood) today? Imagine the impact it could have on the world. What a powerful outreach to teach the world about God’s Word and the message of salvation!

Check It Out

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