Hannity Panel Erupts Into Shouting Match During Gun Control Debate: ‘You Shut Your Mouth!’

I think is pretty clear where the liberals are going to attack America these next four years.

The Blaze:

It seems the gun control debate is reignited after every tragedy involving a firearm, and the recent murder-suicide involving Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher is no exception. During Fox News’ “Hannity” on Monday, radio host Leo Terrell and author Erik Rush got into a very heated exchange over gun control and whether or not stricter gun laws could have prevented the tragedy.

Host Sean Hannity began by telling Terrell that if someone is “hellbent on killing somebody,” like O.J. Simpson, they don’t need a gun to do it. Terrell is reportedly friends with Simpson.

“I anticipated you using the Simpson case. Shame on you,” Terrell said. “Gun control is an issue where guns are in the hands of people in the urban community and guns are being used to kill people.”

“Do you want to take away people’s Second Amendment rights?” Hannity asked.

“No! I want to be clear about that but I do want restrictions on guns,” Terrell said, adding that anyone who can shoot the mother of his child and then kill himself should not have a gun.

So Hannity asked the obvious question, “Well, how do you tell that ahead of time? You going to look into your little Leo Terrell crystal ball and figure it out?” Terrell answered by accusing the host of “making a mockery” of a serious situation… Keep Reading

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