I Think Dumbass Boehner Just Killed The GOP

That is it for me. I’m divorcing the Republican party – it has become self-evident that these people do not represent the people who put them in power. This is the last straw…


Conservative Byte House Speaker John Boehner and GOP leadership have removed several conservative House members from their respective powerful committee positions, Breitbart News has learned. Effective next Congress, leadership pulled Kansas Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp, Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash and Arizona Republican Rep. David Schweikert off committees from which they could exert conservative pressure on fiscal matters. Amash and Huelskamp were pulled from the Budget Committee and Schweikert from the Financial Services Committee. Huelskamp, a freshman elected during the 2010 tea party wave, thinks the leadership move to pull him from the powerful committee is revenge for him standing up for conservatism. “It is little www why Congress has a 16 percent approval rating: Americans send principled representatives to change Washington and get punished in return,” Huelskamp said in a Monday night statement. “The GOP leadership might think they have silenced conservatives, but removing me and others from key committees only confirms our conservative convictions. This is clearly a vindictive move, and a sure sign that the GOP Establishment cannot handle disagreement.” http://conservativebyte.com/2012/12/boehner-gop-leaders-purge-conservatives-from-powerful-committees/

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  1. Jimmy Z says:

    Day after the election, I said, enough of this moderate crap, time for a third party. I wasn’t kidding. Herman Cain made reference to the same kind of thing. It’s time. The FIRST thing to do is unregsiter Republican.

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