Mark Levin – Warning to the GOP

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The GOP gave us McCain. They gave us Romney. Neither was a true conservative. They trashed Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich. Now they’re on the verge of caving to Obama and the Marxist left on tax hikes on the so-called “rich,” with no cuts in spending. You’ve had enough chances, GOP. Screw us conservatives one more time, and your party is gone. Be forewarned…

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One Response to Mark Levin – Warning to the GOP

  1. Jimmy Z says:

    One more time? Like we can let this happen one more time? IT SHOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED THIS TIME! No! No more times! No more chances. It is time for a third party now, to leave the GOP now! This is like going out with a woman (or out with a man, if you’re a woman), and having her cheat on you two or three times with some other guy. And she doesn’t even tell you she won’t do it again, but you say, “okay, one more chance to be faithful!”

    The GOP hasn’t said, “oh, we’ll go conservative next time, trust us.” They’ve given no such promise. They are going to stick with moderates. They have changed the convention rules, a design to oust conservatives and grass roots activism. John Boehner has separated himself from conservatives in Congress. When is enough enough? NOW. Now is enough. No more chances – Levin is out of his head.

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