You Can Have Your Gingerbread and EAT IT Too

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Michelle Obama has officially unveiled the 2012 Christmas decorations at the Whitehouse, including 54 different designer-decorated trees and a 300-pound gingerbread replica of the Whitehouse to commemorate this year’s holiday theme of “austerity.”

No, just kidding! It’s the same wretched excess as usual, but the official holiday theme is “Joy To All.” They would have included “…And Peace On Earth” in the theme, but didn’t want to discourage anyone from celebrating the holidays by firing rockets at Israel.

In the first lady’s official comments, she mentions the “many joys of the holiday seasons” and then defines those joys as “giving and service to others,” and “sharing our blessings with one another.” Which are lovely sentiments when contained in scripture, but are considerably less so when turned into hundreds of pages of new tax codes.

With so many Christmas trees festooning the Whitehouse (every one of which will be abandoned December 17th, when the Obamas leave on their $4 million Hawaiian vacation), we can’t help but wonder if there’s one in the Situation Room…where Barack Obama may have given the order not to send aid to the four Americans murdered by terrorists in Benghazi.

With a stink that bad, you definitely need to add some pine fresh scent to the air.


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