The NFL is not guilty of racism, the are guilty of religious persecution. After RG3 turn out to be just as a respectable a kid as Tebow the NFL turned on him in much the same way.

I stand corrected…


Last year, ESPN, Yahoo Sports and the like fired up with some of the most hateful attacks that have ever been leveled upon an American athlete — not because he was doing anything wrong; the kid was doing everything right.

No, this despiteful barrage of unmitigated hostility was not the consequence of bad behavior, or even bad play. The venom was spewed solely because the individual was a white heterosexual male who had the audacity to thank God publicly for his achievements.

The liberal sportscasters could not stand it. The prominent theme of 2011 concerning Tebow was that it was pure foolishness for any team to think that they could run a collegiate style option offence – pro defenses were just to fast.

But as Tebow continued to win the liberal (queer) commentators became unhinged. Red faces with veins popping out of outraged foreheads became typical post game analogy. “He is not that good!” “Tebow should just quit playing and go shoot himself, because he is not going to make it.”

Now, fast-forward to 2012 where the Washington Redskins have a similar collegiate style option quarterback – that is black! The kid is good, but he is no better than Tebow. But now the same naysayers from last year are beside themselves over this Robert Griffin III.

All of the sudden, “it is genius, just pure genius to shake things up with the option. There is no other way to describe it. RG3 has ushered in the future of the NFL, bringing back the new era of the run. RG3 may be the greatest talent of the NFL for years to come.” Bla, bla bla…

Amazing! Especially when you look at the stats.

In 2011 for the Denver Broncos Tim Tebow started in 13 games. He lost 5 of them, giving him a winning percentage of 61.54%.

In 2012 for the Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III has also started 13 games. He has lost 6, giving him a winning percentage of 53.85%.

It is racismmmmmm straight-up!

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