Limbaugh: Obama Wants Confession From GOP About Bad Economy. “Bush Did It!”

RUSH: I think what Obama is actually aiming for, when all is said and done… You know, I would do this if I were him. If I were the Democrats, and if I were in their position, I would go for the total wipeout. I would go in for the kill. Why, the way poor old Obama has been treated by the people of this country for four years, I wouldn’t expect him to be magnanimous or nice.

I mean, it’s payback time now, and here’s what I think he’s up to. I think Obama wants a confession. And I don’t mean a Republican standing up and saying anything. I think, at the end of this deal with the Republicans — and remember, there is no common ground. I know a lot of people want bipartisanship, compromise, both sides giving a little. There isn’t any. There’s no common ground.


RUSH: The seeds have been planted. The sprouts are growing and they’re soon to bloom. “Bush did it! Bush and the Republicans did this.” From the Founders to Bush, they did this. This country was founded improper and unjustly and immorally and unfairly, and we’ve finally reach a tipping point where those guys couldn’t live off their illusion. These 230 years have been a mistake, and now we’re fixing it.

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