Must Watch: Iranian Muslim in prison meets Jesus face to face

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This is perhaps the most amazing testimony I’ve ever heard. It’s from Afshin Javid who was born a devout Shiite Muslim in Southern Iran in 1972, before the Iranian revolution. He grew up and later joined the Basij (Hezbollah), having committing his life to die for Islam. At some point later he recounts that his grandfather had told him he should bring Islam to North America, so he made his way here. Of course, all he had was phony immigration documents and passports, so he was arrested in Malaysia. I’m guessing this was the early 90s but I’m not sure. But this is where his life changed.

I’m telling you this is a testimony like you’ve never heard before. It’s very powerful and you may need a box of tissue nearby.


UPDATE: It seems that there is a fair amount of scandal, potentially sexual, that surrounds Javid’s years in Canada. I’m not sure how much of it is true or not, but I don’t believe that it invalidates his testimony and still believe it is a powerful tool. However I feel that I should at least make you aware of this so you can make your own decision about the man.

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