12 Biggest Hunting Headlines of 2012

(Game&Fish) - As 2012 winds down, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the year that was: the hunts we went on, the lessons we learned, the animals we killed (or missed), the times we shared with others and the stories that captured our attention as a hunting community. And when you really think about it, we saw quite a lot.


Like any year, 2012 had its fair share of newsworthy happenings. To honor and celebrate the year that was, we at Game & Fish have decided to countdown our favorites.

Ted Nugent Hog Hunting Takes to the Skies

No. 12: Hog Hunting Takes to the Skies

Ted Nugent, hog annihilation and helicopters. Need we say more? Nugent teamed up with the Pigman this year on the Sportsman Channel to bring the world helio-hog hunting with fully automatic weapons. Spoiler alert: the pigs died, the Nuge went wild and everybody went home happy.

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