Gun Control: Michael Savage Just Crapped In His Own Bed

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Michael Savage has just joined the reactionary left on gun control, and will never be linked on this site again. What makes it even worse is that he didn’t even get his facts straight before he jumped the shark.

In the video he says that, “anyone on certain prescription drugs, should not be allowed to own a gun,” totally ignoring the fact that the guns were registered under the shooter’s mother – not him. Not the shooter that reportedly has a mental illness.

Why does anyone think that someone crazy enough bust into a public place “guns blazing” would care if he was obtaining those guns illegally? Why does he ignore the fact that cities with the strictest gun laws have the highest murder rates?

Nope I am done with Michael Savage.

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9 Responses to Gun Control: Michael Savage Just Crapped In His Own Bed

  1. Twalsh says:

    I can’t listen to Savage at all anymore. He sounds bitter and angry. Levin is %100 better than Savage ever was. Savage is abusive to his audience and callers. His constant “you don’t know this” is a put down to his audience. He is NOT AN MD and NOT qualified to give any medical or medication advice. I am sick of his taking only suck up callers. And constantly telling us he is an author, has a PHD etc, etc, etc. his show is boring and pathetic now, nothing more.

  2. Clearly it depends on what the Rx drugs are. Antibiotics wouldn’t have any effect, but psychosomatic drugs should be an instant no-go.

    I have never heard Savage be anti-Christian, not at all over the past few years.

    Yes, the guns were registered to his mother. I think she may have been killed because she tried to stop him. We might never know. But whatever the limitations to gun access placed upon the shooter, nothing would have changed what happened as long as his mother made guns available to him – willingly or not.

    Levin and Savage both bash each other incessantly. It gets old, and it’s bad radio. Only Stern pulls off a good bash on another host, but even then Howard can take it too far. I try not to bash other hosts, but I do CRITICIZE people, even Rush and Sean, when they head off the rails. It’s important.

  3. I-RIGHT-I says:

    I don’t miss him since he’s been off the air though from time to time he is entertaining and spot on. He’s a liberal Jew with some right wing tendencies, a few social conservative tendencies, more than a little anti-Christian bias plus an apparent fondness for dog tail because he sure did screw the pooch with that one.

  4. Beepsky says:

    Just a point, I do agree that going against our second amendment rights is bad, but I do agree with the fact that people who are under the influence of certain medications can theoretically do some pretty bad shit with guns. granted, they could also stab someone to death, beat their face in with a tire iron, go postal with a hatchet, but i digress.

    As someone who was fed the pharmaceutical cocktail whilst growing up, I will agree with one thing. Some medications really fuck you up. They give these kids things that cause mood swings, impaired judgement, sometimes these kids end up looking like zombies in the classroom. That kid gets one bad pill, he’ll go berserk, and that’s what happened here. It’s not the gun’s fault that the kid used it to kill everyone, it’s the fault of bad household keeping. She probably kept it in a non-secure place, probably didn’t even own a gun safe, which, goddamnit, is a bleedin’ stupid thing to do if you have kids in the house. Especially kids on mind altering medications.

  5. Mike Rentschler says:

    Honestly, Dr. Savage has played this knee jerk reaction before in regards to our 2nd Amendment rights. When the deranged lunatic shot up the movie theater not that long ago, Dr. Savage proclaimed that it was “The Dark Knight Rises” fault as well as the semi-auto rifle that the scumbag used. He regurgitated the Liberal know nothings line that it was a “Military Rifle” that fired at an automatic rate (which as any Gun Owner will tell you, an AR-15 or AK-47 that a permitted person can purchase is only a semi-auto hunting rifle built to LOOK LIKE a military rifle. Catagory 3 Firearms are the only Full Auto firearms that can be bought in the U.S. and you have to go thru a ton of legal hurdles as be willing to pay MAJOR money for these guns as they all were made before 1986. The laws of supply and demand make these weapons exceptionally expensive ($10,000 plus in many cases) and therefore out of the hands of anyone other than the wealthy. Sadly there is far too much ignorance on this matter and the Mainstream Media is obviously against bringing said truth to the public for fear of undercutting their anti-gun agenda. Sadly Dr.Savage buys into their propaganda in a knee jerk fashion. I’ve listened to Dr. Savage for 10 years. I agree with much of what he says, however it is incidents like this that cause me to leave his show for months or longer and only turn him back on to see if he has changed his tune. Sadly, we expect Dr.Savage to not fall for this garbage, yet he does.

  6. PatriotUSA says:

    Yeah, I take RX drugs and am just fine and he can f–k himself, BC. I am also totally legal CCW permit etc and i wondered about him starting a couple of years ago. Does he want to come after me cause I take some stuff that can be for mental disorders but helps me with my severe, chronic pain that I have 24/7 and have suffered and lived with for the last 31 years. Ass wipe!

    Thanks for posting and no loss and maybe he can get a job over on PMSNBC or at PBS.

    • BC says:

      I don’t think he put much thought into what he was saying. Maybe he forgot his meds?

      I get tired of him bashing Levin anyway. In my book he is the only one of the lot that represents “normal America.”

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