11 Biggest Fishing Headlines of 2012

Game&Fish Magazine has compiled 11 of the biggest fishing headlines of 2012.  Clink the link below for “the good, the bad and the just plain strange” fishing stories of this last year.

Mark Foster, W.Va.,  Robert C. Byrd Lock & Dam Ohio River  state record blue catfish 44½ pounds

#2. Two Records, One Day

Mark Foster, of West Albans, W.Va., hit it big on an outing at Robert C. Byrd Lock & Dam on the Ohio River. On September 24, 2012, he landed the new state record blue catfish, 44½ pounds and almost 44 inches long, on cut skipjack herring anchored by a 6-ounce sinker. Soon after, he brought another record fish to the bank, this time a 15-pound longnose gar that measured 52¼ inches. After certification by a biologist, both fish were released. That’s one hell of a day.

The Other Ten

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