Dana Loesch: We Will Hire Her Here

We don’t have much to offer as far as salary, but she would be richer for the experience.

If she don’t mind groveling and a steady stream of Anthony Wiener pics…


The Other McCain:

Rumbles of discontent at Breitbart.com, which I’d been hearing from various sources since spring, have finally erupted into actual news, as Dana Loesch has filed a federal lawsuit seeking (a) $75,000 and (b) to be released from her contactual obligations…

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2 Responses to Dana Loesch: We Will Hire Her Here

  1. westie says:

    She needs to get away from the schlubs @ Breitbart, they are all Jennifer Rubin type of Cons…that is not conservative but unredeemable Bosheviks.

  2. If there is a contract, then she is bound to it. The write up at The Other McCain is all very one sided.

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