First They Came for The ARs …


The Truth About Guns

First they came for the ARs and I didn’t speak out because I had other guns.

Then they came for the high capacity magazines, and I didn’t speak out because I wanted to keep my guns.

Then they came for all semi-automatics, and I didn’t speak out because I had a revolver.

Then they came for my revolver, and I couldn’t speak out because I had lost my right to speak.

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3 Responses to First They Came for The ARs …

  1. Jimmy Z says:

    They’re not going to take away these guns. It’s not going to happen. The worst case scenario is, another ‘assault weapon’ ban like Clinton signed in 1994. It wasn’t the end of the Republic then, it won’t be the end this time either.

    • BC says:

      They won’t if we don’t stick our heads in the sand by saying they can’t and that they are not trying. That is what my posts on this subject are about. They are obsessed with disarming America, and the only thing keeping them from it is people staying on top of it, and speaking out.

      You turning a blind eye to it is dangerous. That is they same way we lost the culture war – apathy.

      If you get enough people repeating your “they can’t and won’t , a total gun ban is exactly what will eventually happen. You should quit writing off everyone covering this as nut-job preppers with a Rambo fantasy — they are not.

      Do you want me to find quotes of people saying the same thing in Great Britain before they took them away?

      There are plenty to choose from.

    • BC says:

      JZ – do you know what an assult weapond is? Can you use the Clinton def. to seperate it from a deer gun? If you get some time you should look into that…

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