Flashback 2004: Piers Morgan fired from Daily Mirror over fake torture photos?

Telegraph – May 15, 2004

Piers Morgan was sacked as the editor of the Daily Mirror last night as the newspaper’s board made an unreserved apology for publishing fake pictures of British troops torturing Iraqi prisoners. Morgan, 39, one of the most controversial tabloid editors of recent times, was dismissed after an afternoon-long board meeting at the Mirror’s tower-block headquarters in Canary Wharf, east London. He was immediately escorted from the building by security staff…

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3 Responses to Flashback 2004: Piers Morgan fired from Daily Mirror over fake torture photos?

  1. Jimmy Z says:

    Now, you all aren’t going to like this, but please consider how often conservatives (not including we here at I’m 41) post fake pictures on Facebook, thinking they are real? I’m not going to hammer Mr. Morgan for doing something that conservatives do on a regular basis.

    • BC says:

      I am not convinced he did not do it intentionally. Because I really doubt that if he had done it in good faith that he would have been canned. Simple logic will tell you that he did something on the lines of a Dan Rather.

      You hammer a guy for trying to defend the 2nd amendment, and then give this POS the benefit of the doubt?

      • hawki123 says:

        I thoroughly agree with you,BC! That was a horrendous thing he did and I believe intentionally. I believe it shows his lack of character which 8 years later has shown exactly who and what he is. Let him go back from whence he came and quit judging Americans for their God-given rights which he has no right judging those rights since he;s not even an Anerican!

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