Tom Selleck Should Be the NRA’s Official Spokesman

They are right. I can’t think of a more loveable or articulant person to help defend our 2nd amendment rights.

Tom Selleck Should Be the NRA’s Official Spokesman

The Truth About Guns:

Tom is still a working actor and an NRA Board member. The National Rifle Association (NRA) should put the incipient septuagenarian front-and-center in the current “debate” over gun control. Charlton Heston was the best thing to happen to the NRA in his day. Until and unless the NRA can find a younger more ethnically-appealing spokesman or woman, it’s Tom’s turn. Would CBS kill Selleck’s current vehicle Blue Bloods? Certainly. I can’t speak for the actor or the hundreds of people who depend on the show for their livelihood, but I reckon it would be worth it.

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