Sitting on their Asteroids

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It increasingly seems like it’s all over but the screaming with regards to Americans’ hopes of not going over the so-called fiscal cliff. But there’s plenty of screaming.

After failing to pass a budget since, roughly speaking, the Lincoln administration (which is largely how we got into this current mess) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid complained that the Republicans weren’t doing their jobs…and, apparently forgetting to use Obama’s “words that heal instead of wound,” accused House Speaker John Boehner of being a “dictator.”

Perhaps because, much like Hitler, Boehner allowed Representatives to go home for Christmas where they’re “out watching movies and watching their kids play soccer and basketball and doing all kinds of things” while waiting for any Democrat to make even a marginally serious offer to address our nation’s fiscal woes.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is doing its best to put pressure on the Republicans. Only the Republicans. The NY Post, for instance, suggests that raising taxes on all Americans and implementing forced spending cuts will result in “financial Hell for every American,” a new recession, and a “criminal jump in unemployment.” We’re not sure if rivers will also run with blood and the skies fill with locusts, but it’s certainly possible if Republicans keep watching their kids play soccer and basketball instead of handing those same kids a few more trillion dollars in debt. (Note: the GOP is expected to return to Washington on Sunday, assuming there are no good football games on TV or gun shows to attend.)

With consequences so horrorific, you’d think the NY Post might take the advice of a financial expert like, oh, Barack Obama who said in 2009 that “the last thing you want to do is to raise taxes in the middle of a recession” – especially on those job creators with incomes of  $200,000 or more. Because this is the one thing that the president insists is a non-negotiable issue, despite the fact that experts predict that this, too, will cause recession and job loss – while making no impact on our deficit whatsoever.

Indeed, Barack Hussein Obama’s only goal with his kamikaze fiscal cliff policy is to punish the evil rich and cripple their ability to do business. The fact that it will also create financial Hell for everyone else is simply a bonus in his pea-sized, Socialist brain.

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