“Glenn Beck Is A Thief” – Pamela Geller


This sort of thing happens all of the time. The smaller the blog, the more likely it is, and the less you can do about it. It even goes on here. I have a very well known fan who makes a habit of republishing my stuff — minus the typos and grammar mistakes.

I long suspected it, but was only able to confirm it when he started lifting the pics as well. I took video screen shots to use as pics: careful to grab the image while a hand was in motion, magnified one dot down to pix, counted the pix to the 8 possible measurements from the edges and waited. He was pretty much busted, as grabbing a screen shot of a moving object in the exact same point of time, and then cutting it down the exact same as I could never happen. The chances are a zillion to one; he did it six or eight times.

When I sent him an email asking for attribution he ignored it. Regular readers know who it is, but I am not going to further expose the blog, because I love it. It does a lot of good fighting the liberal media.

I am sorry to hear that Beck does the same thing.

BTW – I am not going to get into it, but he stole the Pee-Pee Obama idea off of Jimmy Z who blogs here. He was livid in an email he sent back when Beck first pulled his pee stunt.

I don’t know if he can prove it, so I will leave it to him to rant if he wants – I do however still have his email from when it happened.

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  1. PatriotUSA says:

    You will NEVER see that happen here. At I’m 41 the original source is always noted, linked and attributed – because that’s the right thing to do.

    Agreed and it is the only way to do this, period.

    Ray, go check back in from your leave from the retard ward. They have a couple of syringes loaded with Thorazine and Stelazine just for you.

    I hope you drool all over yourself.

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  3. PatriotUSA says:

    Most bloggers etc. do this and how they handle it is of paramount importance.

    Glenn Beck?

    I lost respect for him awhile back and he could not even be a zit on Breitbart’s face.
    His message has been polluted, watered down and I think JimmyZ has a valid point here and it is about ‘stealing’ with honor.

    My site is small but growing quite rapidly since the election and all of the contributors site their sources and whether they have ‘borrowed’ a post for re-posting. All sites and bloggers should do this I do not care how big or small your site is, it is about honesty, honor, ethics and morals.

    I steal from BC quite often and follow the above, to the letter. Glenn Beck is a sham of Constitutional Conservative and there are others who do a better job who do not need fame, money or their ego boosted. JimmyZ is voicing a valid complaint.

    Ray, you can have Beck and all the posers who are like him.

  4. Ray says:

    Yeah, the great and powerful BECK trolls the conservative blogosphere to find things to plagiarize. He does that between all his tours, book writings radio shows, concerts and the ten zillion other things he has going on.

    Glenn Beck is the most prestigious and adored modern conservative and history will judge him as such! I think his rapid success is genuine and forthright. Others are jealous because they feel they work hard too, but just cannot capture the grace and sincerity of a truly honorable man such as BECK!

    JimmyZ needs to quit his whining. If anything, if he truly feels, (which he apparently does), Beck plagiarized him, he should be proud to have played a part in helping to get the message out how corrupt our media has become. Oh, and he also needs to get a life!

    • BC says:

      Did you not follow the link and read it? Are you calling Geller a liar?

      “Oh, and he also needs to get a life!” This coming from someone who has taken time out of his day to pound out a rant on an obscure little blog?

      Jimmy Z was not whining. He never posted a word about it except in a private email.

      It was me who mentioned it.

      Go back to your command center (mom’s basement) – read what Geller had to say, and then join us again when you can make an intelligent argument.

      • Jimmy Z says:

        I did write an article about it, because I wanted to document the times and days. I don’t think I was too whiny.

      • Ray says:

        You sound just like some whiny liberal. First of all I am not in my moms basement. I am a retired police officer of the Las Vegas Metro Police and served my country in the Marine Corps honorably prior to that. My OPINION is MY OPINION and that’s just they way it is. I’ve been following Glenn a VERY LONG time. Eight years now. He has changed my life for the better.

        Obviously an intelligent argument is one that agrees with you, well don’t! And I still came back. So sue me.

        And I still think there is a LOT of jealously out there because Glenn is so very successful.

        • BC says:

          So is Geller; I see her on TV all the time. What is her motivation for saying that Beck took her material?

          What is right is right – the thing is he does not need to steal her work to make a difference. But he does anyway.

          Some of Beck’s followers are as fanatical and misguided as Obama zombies…

          • Ray says:

            Yeah, the country would be where we are now if not for those fanatical Beck followers. Same as Obama zombies.

            And there you go again. When you or people like you can not prove your point you revert to NAME CALLING. Oh..look at the tea party extremists. Oh look at the Glenn Beck fanatics. They are going to make us go over the cliff. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! If you don’t agree that I’m right you are, racist, bigot, homophobe or Glenn Beck Fanatic.

            Whatever dude.

          • Ray says:

            Who cares? Not me! WHY BRING IT TO THE PUBLIC, except to be a whiny little attack brat. Look I love Pam. Atlas is saved to my favorites. I love the fight for the subway sign, on and on and on, but wasn’t it Reagon who said a whole lot more would get done if we didn’t care who got the credit, (or something like that).

            I am SICK of us CONSTANTLY eating our own! That’s why we lose!

            • BC says:

              So Pam Geller is a “whiny little attack brat” (name calling)for not liking Beck stealing her months of hard work?

              You are sadly mistaken on this as well. “You won’t find the Communist/Democratic party chewing each other up in a public forum.”

              It is a constant problem with the liberal sites. The Huffington Post is being sued right now for just that. I could quote a thousand examples, but it is pretty much common knowledge. It is just sad to see the unethical behavior from such a prominent conservative. It is surprising.

              Integrity is usually what separates conservatives from liberals.

              I am getting tired of this. Go sober up, get back on your meds or whatever. I am sure you are a nice guy, but if all you can do is bitch and complain I am going to ban you from commenting on the site.

              You are starting to irritate me.

          • Ray says:

            You won’t find the Communist/Democratic party chewing each other up in a public forum.

        • Jimmy Z says:

          Beck is a self serving, selfish jackweed. I can prove it.


          Here, I talk about the big donation Beck gave to a home for abused women (which is great) ON THE AIR so that people would talk about how great he is. Then, Beck had someone at HIS WEBSITE (The Blasé) write up an article about how great Beck was, and of course other conservative bloggers picked it up and everyone talked for days about how great Beck was.

          That’s not a humble, decent man. That’s a guy using his show to promote his show. That was $50,000 of advertising he could never have pulled off anywhere else. Sure, it’s clever. But it’s also devious and contrived.

    • Jimmy Z says:

      I am proud to have been a part of Beck’s show. No question about it! I never so much whined as I pointed out the rather obvious lifting, and even if it didn’t happen in my case, Beck is still stealing material from others. That’s the point here. All it takes is a little mention, hey we got this from “conservo-blog” and that’s that. But Beck doesn’t do that, and apparently has a growing reputation for not doing it.

      I got to great pains to give credit and reference and links to any and all articles, videos and audio clips that I use on my show. It takes extra effort, but I want people to be able to find the original source of the material I cover, and I want people to get credit for their hard work. Beck and The Blasé steal material as a matter of course. The Blasé often does not link the source for the material they publish.

      You will NEVER see that happen here. At I’m 41 the original source is always noted, linked and attributed – because that’s the right thing to do.

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