Senate Benghazi Report “Flashing Red” Blames State Dept, Obama Admin

Hillary: “We will get the man who made the video.” The video that was a fabrication to cover up her stupidity, Obama’s failed policies, and them setting there watching our ambassador get raped and murdered, letting two Navy SEALS and one other die in real-time because they were afraid it would cost Obama the election. Nice! No wonder Hillary has a boo-boo.

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  1. dc says:

    Yeah, I’m sure more than a few people would go apeshit at the revelation they set up our ambassador as a gift to the enemies, that turned bad when a couple guys with integrity refused to stand down. They were told to stand down for a reason, there was not a single guard there for a reason, their weapons were a hundred+ feet away for a reason,

    …and the survivors, who are still in sequester, are kept under lock and key for a reason.

    treason, the reason.

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