Yea I am going there. I am running the latest conspiracy theory from the ENQUIRER. I know — sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but sometimes it is not.

Chances are she is telling the truth; if she is then God speed in healing her. But blood clot or no, you have to admit that it is all very very fishy. She was caught lying to America about Benghazi, and now her people are leaking memory loss rumors to the tabloids?

What makes it look maybe worse than it probably is, is the fact that so many people have been predicting a coming spell of amnesia.

Benghazi Gate –Hillary Clinton Returns To State Department Next Week! –Will She Have Amnesia?

I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt on the alleged clot, but if she actually comes out and says “I don’t know what went on in Benghazi because of memory loss” – No!

It would take a complete moron to buy that.

Did you read the Hugo Chavez press release with his Dr. saying he is fit as a fiddle?


The National Enquirer – The 65-year-old former First Lady fainted earlier this month and after an exhaustive investigation by The ENQUIRER, we broke a bombshell cover story that hit newsstands a few days ago that revealed insiders believe Hillary is battling brain cancer, and sources said she was facing a hush-hush battery of medical tests to confirm the diagnosis.

“Behind the scenes,Hillary has suffered blinding headaches, problems with her vision and memory, plus terrifying blackouts –and those closest to her say she’s hiding a brain cancer secret,” a source revealed, according to our bombshell report.

“If Hillary is indeed diagnosed with brain cancer, the fear that she could die in a manner of months has devastated those in her inner circle. “This has been covered up for months, but details of Hillary’s cancer situation are beginning to leak out, and it’s the real reason she’s giving up her position as Secretary of State.”

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  1. Jimmy Z says:

    This idea that her doctors and nurses and technicians and all these professionals at the JFK Center for Head Injury Rehabilitation ARE ALL BEHIND SOME NONSENSICAL CONSPIRACY is !?*%@! ridiculous. I’m ashamed to see I’m 41 stepping into World Nut Daily/ InfoWhores/ Alex Jones territory. It is disgusting. By feeding this conspiracy theory, you insult the name of the doctors at the Center. http://www.njrehab.org/head-injuries/

    Come on, this site is better than that.

    • BC says:

      No JZ… I am not saying she doesn’t have a blood clot. I am saying she is subject to use it as an excuse. I said she probally does have a blood clot.

      Her doctors (by law) are not allowed to refute any statement she makes about her personal health. She can tell the public any lie she wants, and they are powerless to set the record straight… She could have herpes of the ear for all you know.

      If she says that she can’t remember what happened or her role in Benghazi because of this clot, and someone tells me they believe her, I am going to tell them they are as dumb as a box of rocks – and that includes you.

  2. dc says:

    dude, whatever prevents her from running in 2016 I’m all for, I dont care if its a slight case of…death.

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