Grizzly Bear Charge Captured by Filmmaker

Bear Charge grizzly attack

(Angel Fire) A B.C. filmmaker says he’s lucky to be alive after narrowly avoiding a grizzly attack while filming in the Robson Valley, southeast of Prince George. Leon Lorenz, who lives in Dunster, B.C., was filming grizzly bears in a nearby valley last Monday evening when he spotted a bear and her cub… Keep Reading

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4 Responses to Grizzly Bear Charge Captured by Filmmaker

  1. cyberdog says:

    Rush. I’ve had Black Bear within 10 feet of me and my heart felt like it was going to come out my chest but a sow Grizz w/ a cub…holy crap!!!

  2. john says:

    Ass hole should not be fucking with bears,gun or not.I think we have enough video of them anyway.Next time I hope he gets eaten.

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