Alabama Rig For Smallmouth Bass

I tried these new latest-and-greatest this summer without much success, but I really think that they will be awesome this spring when the bite is back on.

One thing that surprised me is how far you can throw them. If you have a good stout poll you can chunk one of the gizmos 50 or 60 yards.

Alabama Rig For Smallmouth Bass

(In Fisherman) When the Alabama Rig broke onto the scene in October 2012, angler reactions included shock and awe, while manufacturers saw a chance to make quick buck in the generally flat fishing tackle business. This summer’s ICAST industry show revealed dozens of new products designed to fish more than one lure at a time.

Despite the explosion of products and press concerning multi-lure rigs commonly known as umbrella rigs or A-rigs, the concept is far from new. Various forms of umbrella rigs have been used to catch striped bass and bluefish along the Atlantic Coast for decades. Some deploy as many as 14 lures. With some weighing several pounds, extremely heavy tackle (at least 50-pound class) and monel wire line are typically used to troll them.

My first experience with umbrella rigs came on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky, as we trolled them on downriggers. The captain explained that once blueback herring replaced shad as the primary forage there, striped bass moved deep, forsaking the excellent topwater and casting action that had been available before the switch… Keep Reading

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