Screw You Piers Morgan – 25% of British mothers forced to choose food over heat…

Piers Morgan Sack Of CrapThis is a prime example of the failures of socialism. It  causes nothing but pain and misery. So much pain, that it even forced Morgan to America to seek better more lucrative opportunities.

Now that green toothed limey sack of crap is trying implement it over here, even while British moms are forced to sit and shiver just to feed their babies.

Via PressTV:

Soaring energy bills in Britain have forced one in four mothers to turn off the heating in order to afford food for their children, a new survey has found.

A recent study of 1000 households by the Energy Bill Revolution campaign revealed that a shocking 23 percent of British families already have to choose between buying food and using heating.

According to the study, more than half of British families turn the heating off when their children are out, while 45 percent wrap up in blankets or duvets to keep warm during the day.

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