UFC 159: Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen

This is going to be a great fight from two of the toughest men in fighting. Both are Americans who have made a habit out of pounding in the heads of the America hating Brazilian Black House fighters – who train in a gym with Obama murals painted all over the walls.

This is Sonnen’s first fight since while in the middle of beating the crap out of Anderson Silva again, he tried to show off with a silly spinning back fist that landed him on his butt against the cage. Silva quickly took advantage of his mistake, gaining a TKO that he couldn’t duplicate again in a million years.

But as rough as Sonnen is, I give the edge here to Jones, simply because he is the bigger man. At 205 Sonnen is fighting above his normal weight class.

Youtube Video Description – After TUF 17 Finishes, the two rival coaches Jon ‘Bones’ Jones and Chael Sonnen will finally Collide on April 27th in Newark, New Jersey at UFC 159 for the light-heavyweight championship…

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