New Crossbows 2013: A First Look at the Best New Crossbows of the Year

New Crossbows 2013

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“As crossbows grow in popularity, manufacturers are constantly striving to make faster, cheaper, safer, and more accurate bows. Here’s a first look at the new crossbows for 2013.

Today’s crossbows are easy-to-operate, extremely accurate and just flat-out fun to shoot. Meeting the demand of the crossbow explosion, manufactures have designed and produced crossbows in a variety of different styles and price points to better fit the needs of individual shooters. Here’s a rundown of some of the industry’s most impressive horizontal wonders for 2013.

Following the 2013 Archery Trade Show (Jan 9 – Jan 7), this gallery will be updated with additional crossbow models as they are released.”

Click Here For The Ten Newest Bows.

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