Piers Morgan Panel Fantasize About Killing Alex Jones

Alex Jones is to the right what televangelists are to religion. They are laughable crooks who prey weak minded and paranoid. They know what they are; they know you know what they are, and still they go about what they do shamelessly. “IF YOU LOVE JEEEESUS-AHH, SEND ME YOUR MONEY! CAN I GET AN AMEN?” 

This is the type of scum Alex Jones is, and Piers Morgan knows it. The only reason he had Jones on his show was to paint him as your average Teaparty gun owner type. He is dragging in the loons to make his anti-gun agenda seem more credible. 

But, with that in mind, Jones has a right to be as big a scumball as he wants. These gun grabbing commies have no business fantasizing about shooting him.

I think he should file charges, and have these lowlifes prosecuted for “Terroristic Threatening.”

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