Media, Left freak over Drudge headline likening Obama’s gun grab threat to Stalin, Hitler

What Drudge is doing is the true meaning of the phrase “truth to power”  – what liberals love to yell, until one of their own actually gets the power.

The old argument about bringing up Hitler first goes out he window when we have a president who is threatening to disarm America through executive order. 

Drudge headline Obama, Hitler gun executive order

Twitchy: And, cue outrageously outraged freak-out. First, some did bring up the usually correct case against Godwinning.

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  • Jimmy Z

    Although this is a fairly rational comparison this time to Hitler, I am still against the Hitler comparisons. Obama is terrible enough just being Obama. Drudge can p-ut his picture up there. That’s troubling enough.

    • BC

      I like it – he puts Obama’s pic up all of the time. But to put that pic up is drawing a clear line in the sand.

      Drudge transcends the traditional arguments of not using Hiter on this particular issue.

      In my opinion…