Making His Mark

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Yes, everyone is getting “wee-wee’ed up” with planning for Barack Hussein Obama’s second inauguration next week, and every detail is getting keen attention – unlike any policy decisions which happened during the president’s first term.

As one of the festive highlights, the most racist and race-baiting president of modern times will take the oath of office with his hand placed on the Bible of Republican and civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr who, if alive today, would surely raise his face to the heavens and say, “why the hell does the president have a predator drone circling me?”

Because Obama repudiates the legacy of Dr. King with every action he takes, and wants a colorblind society about as much as he wants to pay for his own vacations.

Which perhaps explains why the ceremony in which Barry uses King’s Bible will be a complete charade: because his actual swearing in will take place 24 hours earlier in a private ceremony using a Bible from Michelle’s family which is probably not a Koran.

But instead of going back to work on Monday, all sworn in and promising to defend the Constitution, Barry wants the pomp and circumstance of a huge and expensive public spectacle which has no legal validity whatsoever.

One in which he can trade on the legacy of Dr. King (despite having a cabinet which is stunningly lacking in diversity) and hobnob with people of all races, creeds, and colors…as long as they’re exceedingly famous and stinking rich (“special VIP access” rewards are granted to individuals and evil corporations based on the size of their bribes, er, contributions beginning at $10,000 and costing as much as $1 million for complete access to the president’s balls. Which we presume are Inaugural Balls, but you never know.)

Ambassador Chris Stevens is not expected to attend.

obama, obama jokes, inauguration, MLK, bible, stilton jarlsberg, hope and change, hope n' change



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