Gun Control Is Total Control

Gun Control Is Total Control

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5 Responses to Gun Control Is Total Control

  1. Jimmy Z says:

    What am I trying to do? To keep the most people possible being the most productive. Obama probably wants people fighting confiscation – something he’s never going to do – because it keeps those people busy doing something totally apart from what he IS doing.

  2. Jimmy Z says:

    There are more democrats who hunt and target shoot in more states than you can imagine. They’re not going to put up with it for one second. Obama knows that. Congressional democrats know that. Confiscation will NOT happen.

  3. Jimmy Z says:

    I am convinced that this is not going to happen – at worst, a bill like Clinton signed in 1994. AT WORST. But probably a lot less than that.

    • zappatrust says:

      Jimmy I hope you are right.

    • BC says:

      The fact that a majority of the libs want it to happen is more than enough to justify Zappa’s art. If you can get enough to repeating your “it is not going to happen, don’t worry” they are going to quit sending money to the nra, calling congress, writing letters, blogging and generally bringing awareness to the gun control issue.

      Why do you keep repeating that over and over? What the hell are you trying to do talk people into pissing off the subject and go back to watching Honey Boo-Boo?

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