CNN’s Morgan Thinks Government Will ‘Nuke’ Gun Owners

Now is the time American’s to pull their heads out of the sand and push back hard on the gun grabbing lobbies of the left.  Gun confiscation should be the main topic of every conservative blog.

Democratic Senators and Congressmen should know that a vote for,  or even voting present on this issue will end their political careers.


Breitbart – Piers Morgan has done it again, jumping into his anti-gun, anti-Constitution advocacy with both feet… in his mouth. Once again, Morgan took to Twitter to revel in his “civility,” this time ridiculing gun owners for being wary of the power of tyrannical government, scoffing that the Second Amendment won’t keep us all safe from a nuclear armed United States.

Morgan Tweeted his latest absurdist, misinformed Tweet on January 13: “America has over 5000 nuclear warheads. Quite hard to defend against a ‘tyrannical U.S. government’ with that kind of firepower. #GetReal”

So very vapid. Uninformed, ill thought out, and foolish all at once.

Are we to assume that Piers Morgan thinks that the only way governments ever trample on rights or oppress citizens is to “nuke” them?

Well, who can assail such logic? Certainly if a government is going to be so self destructive as to nuke its own people–and in turn itself–then, well, I guess an AR-15 sure won’t stop that. A sub-machine gun wouldn’t even stop that.

Of course, what Morgan so childishly attacked (again) was the idea that the founders intended the Second Amendment to serve as a check on tyrannical government. Thus the whole of the people are expected to be armed with military grade arms in order to be that check. The contention is that, when the people fear their government, there is tyranny, but when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

Like most radical leftists, Morgan finds it ludicrous that our government could ever turn on us. But contrary to the left’s Pollyannaish idea that our government must forever remain benign, history is replete with governments using the force of arms to oppress the people; you don’t even have to go back 200 years to the Revolutionary War to find examples of that. Just look throughout the Middle East toda …

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