NBC News Report: “Obama To Go Big” On Gun Control…

Of course he is going to go big; he is going to take this just to the edge of impeachment, move the ball down the field, and then wait for the next incident he can exploit so that he can move it some more. Unless they are stopped now, eventually they will score.

Via NBC News:

Obama set to go big on guns: According to sources familiar with the gun-control recommendations President Obama will unveil today at 11:55 am ET, those recommendations will include a universal background check, prohibition of high-capacity magazines, an anti-trafficking law, and a renewal of the assault weapons ban. In addition, he will announce executive actions such as enforcing the laws already on the books (like prosecuting those who fail background checks), as well as restarting federal research of firearm deaths/crimes. And, the sources say, the recommendations also will touch on mental health, school security (though NOT arming guards), and entertainment/video games. Bottom line: Obama is going about as big as he can go, realizing there’s little political downside (at least in the short term). One gun-control advocate tells First Read that the recommendations would be “the most significant reform of our guns laws since MLK and RFK were assassinated” in 1968.

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