About Pissing In The Shower To Go Green

You know, I am up for about anything that will save Mother Earth from the evils of man’s white-man’s planet destroying capitalism – so I have joined the piss in the shower campaign. It is simple; every time I need to piss I take a 30 minute steaming hot shower.

Now not only can feel good about doing my part, I have the cleanest ass in America. It is TOTALLY worth the $500 dollar water bill.

Save Water Pee In The Shower

Angry White Dude:

Fuzzy little Norwegian Bert Wassink is quoted as saying:


Nah, just crapping you negative, there. Here’s what he really said:

‘If you combine showers and peeing, you save a lot of water and money, so why not?’

Well, I have a why not for ya, Bert. What if I have to see a man about a horse (pee) but don’t need a shower? AWD bathes daily as I’m not some cheese-eating, surrender monkey from France who bathes only when the stench can gag a maggot. Sometimes AWD bathes twice a day if I’ve done some exercising. Which means I only bathe once because I hate exercising. I might have to go #1 a couple of times in a day though because I drink a lot of fluids during the day. Does that mean I must fire up the shower in order to drain the main vein? Does’t make sense to me when I can just pee on the tires of my neighbor who has that little yapping bastid dog.

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