Meet Me at Second and Fifth

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In the spirit of Daylight Savings Time, Hope n’ Change Cartoons is proud to announce that today, Inauguration Day, is the official start of “Sanity Savings Time” in which it will always be 5 o’clock for the next four years. Because seriously, who wants to sit through Obama’s Inauguration (or second term) cold sober?!

The Inauguration (derived from the word “auger” which means “a huge screw”) will feature eight real-life “citizen co-chairs” handpicked by the Obama machine, who will tell the world how they’ve benefitted from the president’s policies while their spouses died of cancer caused by Mitt Romney.

Among the eight is a woman who got her job as an autoworker back after Barry gifted the unions with billions of dollars in taxpayer funds, a man who created a windpower business and (surprise!) supports windpower tax credits, and a woman whose brain tumor made it hard for her to get health insurance, but also made her extremely suggestible when she was repeatedly driven to various polling places by Democrat volunteers last November.

Truthfully, Hope n’ Change Cartoons will not be watching any of this. In complete honesty and with no exaggeration, we put Obama’s second term inauguration on par with 9/11…a deliberate attack on our values and an unmitigated disaster for our nation. A sickening, soul-rotting, anti-American hatefest decked out in “Triumph of the Will” regalia.

But it could be worse. At least it’s 5 o’clock.

This pretty much sums up how we feel today.
(Caution: not for weak stomachs)


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