An Incredibly Ignorant Man: Why Piers Morgan Left Great Britain

Piers Morgan may be ignorant, but he is not totally brain-dead. He is at the very least (very most) smart enough to realize that in just a few short years he no longer be able to practice his “liberalism” in the country that he was born. However, despite that very feral understanding, I doubt very seriously that he has the mental capacity to comprehend that it is liberal stupidity, progressive appeasement, and anti-gun fanaticism that has forced him to leave, and it is the lack of it that has lured him to America.

Piers Morgan Stupid Man

The BBC has reported that Sharia law in UK is now ‘unavoidable.’ It is already there unofficially, but has not totally usurped as the official law of the land. But it is clear that it is coming soon.

As of now the Sharia is being enforced by lawless thugs, who are uninhibited and unafraid due to the absence of the people’s right to keep and bear arms. Liberals and homosexuals are being forced to flee to America so that they can practice their unconstrained lifestyles in safety. The safety that is only available because of our Judeo-Christian constitution, and our right to arm ourselves to ward off tyranny.

“What is wrong with your face mate? Don’t you know this is a Muslim area?

muslims enforce sharia in london gay man targeted

Muslims enforce Sharia in London, Gay man targeted

Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) For years now, Leftists and assorted “anti-racists” have been denying the existence of these Sharia patrols. These sharia law enforcement gangs have been roaming the U.K for a while now; it’s only recently that they have decided to record themselves. (Thanks to Golem). Observe a gay man in the capital of ultra-tolerant progressive inclusive multicultural interfaith Britain being driven out of a “muslim” area…

Video Here

Update: Headline from the Blaze

Watch the Wild Vid of Islamists Protesting in England: ‘Shariah Is an Inevitability

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  1. And when Britain becomes Arabia North, the libtards in this country will still not be able to connect the dots. Even the ones that come here from Britain!

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