The Real Obama Revealed at Inauguration – Dick Morris

Dick Morris may suck at predicting elections, but I think he did a great job of breaking down Obama’s speech here…

Compare his first and second inaugural speeches.  We saw the real Obama yesterday

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3 Responses to The Real Obama Revealed at Inauguration – Dick Morris

  1. Jimmy Z says:

    If I argued with every post, you’d be furious all the time with me. I don’t argue all the time. I don’t do predictions because it’s tough to get things right. Cain SHOULD have stayed in, and he would have shaken the criticism. There are reasons why he predicted as he did, and it made sense. It’s the country that’s gone wacko and makes it impossible to make such predictions.

  2. Morris doesn’t suck at predicting elections. He was simply wrong. He made many logical assumptions that did not come true: That Obama’s base would be demoralized – they were not, and that Romney would bring out the conservative base – he did not.

    • BC says:

      Why do you have to argue with everything I post?

      He makes a whole lot of logical assumptions that do not come true. After eight or ten times of proudly posting what he is predicting, I have come to the conclusion that DICK MORRIS SUCKS AT PREDICTING ELECTIONS.

      He predicted the GOP would win the Senate – wrong.
      He predicted Bachmann would win in Iowa – wrong.
      He predicted that Trump would indeed run for President – wrong.
      He predicted that Herman Cain would shake off the sex stuff, and maybe win the primary – wrong.
      He predicted Connie Mack would “Overwhelmingly” win over Bill Nelson – wrong.
      He predicted Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice would face off against each other in the 2008 presidential election – wrong.
      He predicted Rick Lazio will beat Democrat Hillary Clinton for New York’s U.S. Senate seat – wrong.


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