Is Oklahoma’s Inhofe Warming Up To Feinstein’s Gun Grabbing Legislation?

He better not be warming up to her weapons ban. If he goes along with her unconstitutional bill, I will personally put up a billboard in Oklahoma City and Tulsa of Feinstein grabbing a hunter’s gun while Inhofe kisses her ass.

I will make it my mission in life to see that he is never elected again. This blog will be totally dedicated to beating him in the next election, and electing a constitutional conservative.

inhofe Diane Feinstein assault weapon legistation

Fire Andrea Mitchell – Like we couldn’t see this coming right? Tomorow, California’s other Marxist Senator Diane Feinstein will introduce her “assault weapons legislation” because as she puts it ‘Weapons of war do not belong on our streets.’ It was assumed that any bill infringing on the second amendment of the people to keep and bear arms wouldn’t pass the Senate because Republicans are supposed to be stand up for the Constitution. Well, you can scratch that idea as it seems some Republicans, including Oklahoma RINO James Inhofe, Wyoming RINO John Barrasso and Tennessee RINO Bob Corker, three Senators from states that wouldn’t take too kindly to gun control…

This would be the end of Inhofe’s political career in the state of Oklahoma. He would be run out of office on a rail!

Huffington Post – WASHINGTON — Ask a Senate Republican if he or she supports an assault weapons ban and you’ll likely get a “no.” But ask about tighter background checks — one of a few items in President Barack Obama’s gun violence package with a shot at passing Congress –and you’ll likely get a vague response about needing more information,if you get a response at all.

“Uh,I don’t know what you mean,” said Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), who then ended the conversation by turning around and walking into a room where senators were having lunch,closing the door behind him.

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