RINO Butt Kiss Turrets – Huckabee’s Hillary Praise Before His Benghazi Scrutiny Is The Reason We Are Losing

The first few moments of this video is a perfect example of why the liberals keep handing the GOP its butt. From Romney to McCain they all have this strange uncontrollable need to kiss a liberal’s butt before they offer up an impotent rebuttal to their latest attempt at ruining our country.


It is dipsh*ttery in its purest form. It reminds me of “Everybody Loves Raymond’s” brother always touching his soda-pop to his chin before he takes a drink – it is asinine!

If the GOP doesn’t grow some balls, and start calling these people out for the worthless pieces of crap that they obviously are, they are never going to win another election.

“Well, let me say I have known Hillary Clinton a long time. She is a remarkable, an extraordinarily intelligent and capable lady.  But in this case she missed the mark”…

NOOO! Why doesn’t he go ahead, take the next step and start donating to her 2016 campaign?

She is an ideological dunce who was unqualified and incapable of doing the job she was assigned; PLUS, she is a shiftless spineless liar who is spinning the American people to cover her sorry @ss…

Try putting that before your argument Huck, it will make it a thousand times more effective.

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  • Jimmy Z

    Fortunately he’s not in office anymore. This kind of crap makes me crazy! It is possible, Huckster, to criticize Hillary Clinton substantially and still be professional and Christian about it.

    • BC

      Nice finishes last – Go back and watch Reagan. He knew how to go on the attack…