Ted Nugent Vs Piers Morgan Gun Debate – Happened Today 2/4/13

Why I wrote 1/14/13 on the original title I will never know?…

“Today February 4 2013 Piers Morgan interviewed Ted Nugent on the subject of gun control and once again it turned to be quite entertaining.”

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2 Responses to Ted Nugent Vs Piers Morgan Gun Debate – Happened Today 2/4/13

  1. BC says:

    I think he is just a dipwadd that thinks he is actually winning the arguments – his narcissism is blinding him of his failures.

  2. Jimmy Z says:

    This is what I wrote on Facebook – “You know I hate conspiracy theories, BUT… IS IT POSSIBLE that Piers Morgan really is a supporter of the second amendment? Could that explain why he takes the most outlandish anti-gun rights positions – saying things that make no sense? Could that explain why he has gun rights activists on the show that make all the sense in the world? Might that explain why he is willing to look so foolish – for the better cause? I’m not saying this is true, but it might explain what is happening on his show.”

    I would say there is a less than one in ten chance this is true, but it’s worth saying because you never know.

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