Finally The Official Release: The Guns Used in Newtown Shooting

As reported on The Truth About Guns:

“The Newtown Police Department finally released the details of the firearms used in the Sandy Hook shooting. , but no official word until now. And, as expected, it reads like a list of the most popular firearms in the United States. The PD also detailed exactly where the guns were found, putting to rest once and for all one of the major “conspiracy theories” about the shooting” . . .

Bushmaster Bushmaster XM15-E2S

From the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection:

Seized inside the school:
#1. Bushmaster .223 caliber– model XM15-E2S rifle with high capacity 30 round magazine
#2. Glock 10 mm handgun
#3. Sig-Sauer P226 9mm handgun

Seized from suspect’s car in parking lot:
#4. Izhmash Canta-12 12 gauge Shotgun (seized from car in parking lot)

“I’m not entirely sure why the police felt the need to specifically point out that the rifle had a “high capacity” magazine when they didn’t talk about magazine size for any other guns, but I’ll let you draw your own conclusions”…

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