Mark Levin On Why Karl Rove Is Exactly Wrong – He Is Stabbing Us In the Back!

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2 Responses to Mark Levin On Why Karl Rove Is Exactly Wrong – He Is Stabbing Us In the Back!

  1. Jimmy Z says:

    One thing Rove is right about are these Republican candidates who end up nuking themselves and hurting us in the process. Something I wrote about this today on Facebook:

    “Let me – as a full blown conservative who does NOT believe we should be bending on the issues – say something about crappy candidates. Sharron Angle was terrible. We could have won that race. Sue Lowden was poised to take out Harry Reid, but the local tea party wanted to flex their muscle. When Angle blathered about the declaration of independence and “the right and duty” to tear it down and start over, that was that, she was done.

    The biggest loser of all has to be Christine O’Donnell – who when asked during a televised debate for an example of the kind of supreme court decision she disagreed with (a big talking point for her was the supreme court), stalled and stammered and finally gave NO ANSWER and finally said, “we’ll have that on the website tomorrow I promise.” She lost. THEN she wrote a book of her memoirs (three big campaigns, three time loser) that sold about 2,000 copies, and appeared on Piers Morgan. Morgan asked a relevant question on politics at the time – “As a Christian, what do you think of same sex marriage?” She argued about why the question was rude for 2 or 3 minutes, and finally walked off the show.

    These kinds of candidates are killing us! She can’t just answer? She’s not even running for anything and she still backs down? Just ANSWER! The Bible, God’s word, says homosexuality is wrong. Big deal! But she’s that cowardly that she will not answer. That’s not good for our side. It’s weak and we need BETTER, stronger, well spoken, smart candidates.”

    • BC says:

      Like I said I have a long list of RINOS that Rove believed were cosmopolitan enough to back THAT LOST.

      And I have a long list of candidates who Rove refused to back THAT WON.

      The Teaparty has a lot better record of picking candidates than the Rove/Boo-Hoo RINO PACS.

      Who is to say that even those candidates you mentioned wouldn’t have won if the established RINOS would have backed them?

      Rove even refused to help Bachmann, who ended up winning anyway.

      He should get the hell out of the way, because this RINO push of his is costing elections.

      You were pissed about the takeover vote during the RNC but fail to understand that Rove’s new PAC is a part of it.

      You have either changed your mind, or you don’t understand what your argument is.

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