Wow! – CNN’s Don Lemon Unwittingly Inviting Killings From Other Disgruntled Nuts

Ever been screwed at work? If you have and are considering mowing a bunch of people down because of their mistreatment, you have a sympathetic ear in rump ranger Don Lemon. Well, as long as discrimination may have been involved – either real or imagined.

This is what passes for journalistic integrity these days.

I wonder how many nuts have been encouraged to move on with their sick murderous plots because of this dipwadd justifying that psycho serial killer’s slaughter of policemen in California?

Good God! How stupid is this guy?


Twitchy – Lemon said on CNN he certainly wasn’t justifying what Dorner has allegedly done, but “it appears from his manifesto that he is, you know, he wasn’t crazy when he wrote his manifesto.” Question: did Lemon actually read the whole thing, or just the parts that the media decided to share? In either case, Dorner’s motivation is “something that we need to talk about.”

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3 Responses to Wow! – CNN’s Don Lemon Unwittingly Inviting Killings From Other Disgruntled Nuts

  1. blained13 says:

    Half reporting the story, imagine that from the liberal media! I certainly would use the word journalist or integrity in any sentence involving CNN.

  2. Jimmy Z says:

    I’m sorry but we really can’t expect anything wise or thoughtful from homosexuals.

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