Soledad O’Brien Clip Displayed On “LAPD Cop Killer Christopher Dorner is A HERO” Facebook Page

This Facebook page is disturbing on so many levels. For one, just knowing that there are so many crazy evil people in this country is enough to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

LAPD Cop Killer Christopher Dorner is A HERO

Besides that realization giving you the willies, it is eye-opening to see first hand just how lockstep and like-minded these evil OWS type wackos are with the liberal media.

The page is absolutely filled with anti cop hit pieces from the moonbats in the state run leftist propaganda machine.

Soledad O'Brien LAPD Cop Killer Christopher Dorner is A HERO

And if that isn’t enough to make you want to craw under the bed, ask yourself why Facebook is allowing this page to stand? The same Facebook that is systematically purging conservatives as fast as they can get by with it.

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  • James

    Dorner is a hero to the people abused by lapd , period .

    • BC

      You are a demented dipshit – period!

  • Nunya Bidness

    This is no more disturbing than conservatives supporting the killing of Trayvon Martin

    • larry

      nunya bidness, the killimg of trayvon martin? lol…just what is it about a young thug, drug dealer, user, trouble maker, that excites you? he was a criminal, he was ON DRUGS at the time, making him look unusual to zimmerman…..thus, his job to observe…..and why was a young man lurking around apartments, that were known for break ins? I HAVE A GUESS…..but, NO ONE CAN CONVINCE YOU, cause trayvon was a poooooor black you. and i bet he was also in the choir ? right?

  • BC Doosh

    BC, you seem to come across as a self educated nitwit with moron tendencies. Go ahead and block me, there isn’t ANYTHING here worth reading!

    • Thelma Lou

      “Self-educated’ has a hyphen and “Doosh” is spelled ‘douche.’ You might want to ask for a refund on that education.

    • larry

      ……your last name says it all, except you forgot the BAG!!!!!!!

    • larry

      ….and there are sites where you homo, nut jobs, love to grease each other and tell them what they want to here… the editor there is a homo, global warming, libtart moron!!

  • teamdorner

    I disagree with showing this cops dead body on that page, however, Chris Donner was at war with the police, and with all war there will be loss of lives… even innocent people. Take a look at Pakistan, the drones that are flown over there from the US killed many women and children… Its called casualties of war. The way the LAPD shot up that truck with the asian ladies in it, was just a pre-sign that Dorner was not going to court for his crime but be executed on the spot. That is a modern day lynching. Just like in the old days back in the 30′s when white ladies got caught having sex with a black man and she would cry ‘rape’. The KKK would then hang the black man to a tree without even asking or caring if this was consentual sex or not. Execution without a trial…… This is against the constitution.

  • Suomynona

    Dorner is or was not a hero he is just a person that couldn’t stand the system any longer.I do not label him as a hero nor a villain, but many of you are labeling him as a villain,I’ll ask you this what would you do if those that are supposed to protect you turn against you? It is time for America to open their eyes and realize that our government and law enforcement are slowly turning against us. Cruelty and injustice,intolerance and oppression slowly devours this country that was once called the land of freedom and opportunity it is time to lose trust on our government and take matters onto our own hands.

    • BC

      He was a villain – a cold blooded killer.

  • Barrett Heft

    It’s not just liberals subscribing to this. Wacko fringes from all sides of the political spectrum are clinging to this guy. Stop painting this as if it’s somehow indicative of anyone and everyone who claims to be liberal. There are many that are shocked and disgusted by what Dorner has done. The people propping this kind of story up aren’t just liberals, they’re mentally ill fringe wackos of all sorts of different political stripes. For example, Alex Jones is pretty right-wing, and he is all over this conspiracy stuff about their being a cover-up, etc.

    You do a great disservice to open debate by making obnoxious blanket statements targeted at specific political and social allegiances that have nothing to do with this Dorner conspiracy crap. Rather than demonizing those who specifically subscribe to this, you grandstand on a soapbox to lump in thousands of people who never subscribed nor believed in any of this, and then you condemn them along with guilty because, why? My guess is an axe to grind.

    Your whole “article” is nothing more than hate-filled stereotyping and ignorant typecasting. “State-run leftist media”? You’re just as much of a moonbat as those you despise.

    • Barrett Heft

      *”stuff about their being a cover-up”
      should be
      “stuff about there being a cover-up”

    • BC

      Show me someone from the right embracing this wacko – you can’t.

      Quit making up crap to try and make liberals seem normal – they are not.

  • Disturbed

    I searched for a victims page but only found this: Chris Dorner Wanted Murderer Not Hero. I’m seeing many “pro-Dorner” pages and very few against the alleged killer.

  • BC

    I suppose dont is a common way of spelling don’t.

  • Chris Dorners Victims

    How about a fan page for his victims? If he had any cause for racism he threw that away when he called up his victims father and taunted him as to how his daughter died. That doesnt sound like no hero to me

  • Donald

    Who cares, if u dont like it dont use facebook

    • Dante

      Spell properly, then you have my permission to voice your opinion.

      • Dan

        He DID spell properly u idiot. “u” is common use now adays outside of business and academics.

      • Bill

        And just who the hell are you that you think anyone is looking for you permission to post on an open forum?

        • BC

          This is not an open forum… When you get on my nerves, you go away…

      • Barrett Heft

        No one need your “permission” to voice an opinion. Get over yourself.

    • BC

      I care – If that bothers you, don’t use im41…

      • corrupt cops

        cops killed innocent people trying to catch this man. they should hang for this! lapd deserves to have a few cops offed.

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  • Jimmy Z

    The problem with Facebook is that it is NOT purging people… The software that runs the site’s “security” is one sided because conservatives don’t act en masse. I’ve explained on Facebook how it works. The short answer is that the Chicks page was not found and banned by Facebook. It was reported hundreds of times by liberals, and then the software kicks in.

    We can do the same thing to liberal sites, but conservatives don’t really act like that – we’re not foes of free speech. Here’s what I wrote on Facebook:

    “Some thoughts on Facebook banning conservatives:
    Chicks on the Right had trouble on Facebook last week, but I have explained as often as possible that it is not Facebook that searches out conservative pages and blocks them. What happens is that liberals will go on a campaign to report a page. The software at FB kicks in and shuts down the page. It doesn’t happen to liberals because we conservatives don’t play that game – we don’t have time!

    “That’s one reason I block all liberals, the moment I see one on any thread, especially a liberal who challenges me here on FB. I’ll reply and say something, and then block them. I am not a fan of blocking people, but this is self preservation. I never want to give them a chance to report me. Liberals also do the same thing on comment threads on sites like Huffington, Washington Post and others. I was blocked there because of it, years ago, and cannot comment anymore to this day. On many comment threads, simply by giving a conservative’s comment a number of ‘thumbs down’ clicks, the conservative’s comment disappears.

    “We tend to have more freedom here at Facebook than on so-called “conservative” social network sites like Freedom Torch and now Tea Party Community. Those sites often become overrun with conspiracy theory kooks, and anyone who doesn’t buy into the conspiracy is labeled a ‘troll’ and reported aggressively to the owner/monitors until the person is banned from the site.

    “As a rule, I never report anyone, left or right, unless they are breaking the law (for instance, I reported a few people who were threatening Barack Obama’s life out in the open on FB. One guy was so specific about his threat, I reported it to the Secret Service). But I will simply block anyone who starts acting as if they want to report me for speaking my mind.” -Jz

    • BC

      Wrong again.

      This is what Facebook put out to use as a scapegoat, but it has been debunked.

      One example you may remember is the Kill Romney page. Hundreds of people were flagging it, but they refused to pull it down.

      If it works on how many flags a page gets, it is brought up for review by staff, and the people doing the reviewing are a bunch of liberals.