Soledad O’Brien Clip Displayed On “LAPD Cop Killer Christopher Dorner is A HERO” Facebook Page

LAPD Cop Killer Christopher Dorner is A HERO

LAPD Cop Killer Christopher Dorner is A HERO

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17 Responses to LAPD Cop Killer Christopher Dorner is A HERO

  1. Corey Gibson says:

    Rally for JUSTICE!
    Christopher Dorner should not die in vain!
    State Capital February 23rd 2013
    West Steps 9am-4pm
    Located @ 10 St. Sacramento CA 95814
    Let’s get our governmental officials elect involved in uncovering the truth of the events that: Caused an officer to get fired; the truth of events leading to him allegedly killing several people; the truth of the LAPD’s actions while hunting Christopher Dorner down; the truth of the events that happened at the cabin located in Seven Oaks.
    Racism and intolerance runs through this country like water from a faucet. A united voice can effect change “effective immediately.”
    We need law enforcement officers like him HONEST! TRUTHFUL! & AWARE!
    Bring signs and a friend!

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  3. c harrington says:

    Dont blame all union members for osama obama bein re elected. Steelworkers said vote your conscience in northeast texas. An with the first 4 years suckin many helped keep texas a red state. Of course then we all went out and started buying guns every payday.

  4. Equate says:

    Who is donner?

  5. Nicole Clark says:

    Where are your so-called facts? Yea you a hater spitting your hatred. What the hell you thought Romney was gonna do for you? Make this country better? The only agenda he had was for the rich, so are you rich? Probably not and yea, by the way, there are more whites on welfare and food stamps than black, now THAT’S a FACT! So who’s the ones looking for handouts! You sound really ignorant and stupid so while you spending your time pointing fingers, you got 3 pointing back at your stupid a** so stfu with that stupidity. Suck it up and get over it, you got 4 years to deal with it buddy!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

    • Kelly says:

      I will never be back to this site so dont bother replying to me but your “facts” are wrong….Check the records more blacks are on welfare than whites.Also your choice to belittle yourself with your cussing is gross and makes you look stupid

      • BC says:

        You need to zoom out and look at the content of this blog as a whole. The site is all about proving idiots like the one you are arguing with wrong …

  6. James says:

    No, he’s not a hero – he’s a crispy critter.

  7. joe says:

    Need more of Dorner’s, the pig stations need a good cleaning

  8. Democrats rock says:

    If u don’t like Obama u can always join Reagan!

    • BC says:

      Nah! We will be rid of that commie bastard soon enough – it took Carter to get us Reagan, and we are looking forward watching him Obama’s stupidity… Wouldn’t miss it…

    • Jon Brin says:

      The only people that like Nobama are stupid libertards and blacks that are looking for handouts…. AND union members that are paid to commit voter fraud…. That is the only way that commie bastard got reelected…. He isn’t even a US Citizen….Ergo; he hasno right to be in the election let alone resident of the WH……

  9. Gina W says:

    Don’t go blaming the President for this madness…..His being black has nothing to do with the crazy person going around shooting people. Sounds to me like you are a hater because Obama DID win for a second term….but don’t worry, after these next 4 years maybe you can appoint who YOU want in the white house – why don’t you just stick to the fact that this Dorner person is an idiot?

    • Jon Brin says:

      Nobama cannot go blameless in this matter… Typical black or libertard calls everybody a hater when the facts are there for even you to understand.
      He has divided this nation into two camps… the haves and the have nots…. Yes he has to share responsibility…. AND if it wasn’t for voter fraud he wouldn’t have made 2 terms…This is a fact!!!! Just read the reports of the people that admitted to voting more than once and the illegal voter counting in closed door poling places and the huge number of districts that turned in over 100% of the eligible voters in that district… Over12,000,000 dead people that are still registrared to vote and in Ohio where Romney got -0- votes in 15 different districts…. This adds up to massive voter fraud and nobody is investigating it………
      So Nobama DID NOT win and only ignorant people think he did….

    • BC says:

      It is both the killer and the liberal brain-dead media who have brought race to this issue – not me.

      And I do blame the race baiting Moonbat Mesiah for stirring up racial tension in his get out the black vote effort. If you can’t see that it is because you don’t want to…

  10. Jon Brin says:

    This fruitcake is going to start a race riot…. When LAPD catches up to this criminal they will kill him then the black kids will use that as an excuse for a race riot…. and the main stream media is a part of this evil plot…. They should be screaming about a killer on the loose but since he is black and political correctness being what it is the media doesn’t want to be called racist…. Even though they are racist…. Because of the asshole in the white house this country is totally divided and he is the master divider…. Just so he can get a few more votes…. He is pathetic…But the shooting will begin and a lot of blacks will die… Then Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton will be on the news pleading for a stop to the madness… But where are they now??? Hiding and getting ready for the cameras…
    This country due to Nobama is on the verge of civil war and this is the spark that will set it off…. When will the MSM accept responsibility for their actions??? Never… They just want to film the chaos….for better ratings….. MSM is a parasite…

  11. Aurelio says:

    Go to hell Donner we don’t need you anymore .

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