Christopher Dorner Is Done Killing – Down To Only One Option

I very seriously doubt that Christopher Dorner will harm another person. Not that this leftist propaganda filled nut wouldn’t,  he just can’t if he wants to win his morbid game. If he is an intelligent man and still has his mind, which I think he is and does, he can still achieve his stated goals, but I believe he knows that trying to kill again will cause him to fall short.

Christopher Dorner

I will get to that in a minute, but first let’s take a realistic look at his situation.

Basically he is screwed: He can’t move.  He can’t kill any of the people he threatened because they are under guard. And he can’t  kill anymore COPs because they are on high alert.

You can’t tell me that a lawman would not have seen this coming, before his first murder, and before giving up his identity by hitting post on Facebook.

Everyone in North American knows his face by now – hell he can’t even eat. He is a 270 pound black man with very distinctive features. The second he pokes his head out he is busted. And if you think he is some RAMBO hiding in the mountains, living off his survival skills, you are crazy.

I grew up hunting the mountains. I was being left alone on ground stands, in the dark woods hunting deer by third grade. And even before that I was following my dad hunting coon through the mountains  in the dead of winter – using carbide lights to keep our hands from freezing. The woods are brutal in the winter. Even with the best gear, they are cold wet and miserable. I have a hard time believing that this LAPD city boy is up to taking on those conditions.

By now the police have checked every man-made structure, so if he was up there that would put him out and on foot.  Trust me, this joker is not back in those woods living off the land. He would have froze out , or the dogs would have found him by now. That tells me that he is not up there.

By reading his manifesto, I think he is smart enough to realize that the only way he can beat the police at this point is to never get caught – I think that this was his plan from start.  If he really wanted were trying to kill those forty people, he would have never published that manifesto, because I think he is intelligent enough to know that he would have had to remain anonymous.

He is doing what he planned to do. Publish his rant, kill a few people and then disappear forever. And the only possible way this can happen, is for to him to kill himself and dispose of his own body in a way that it can never be found. He can’t achieve this on Big Bear.

No, he tipped his hand when he was spotted trying to steal the boat. I think his intentions are and were to sink himself out in the Pacific!!

I believe Big Bear was his back up plan. He had a car waiting, burned the truck as a diversion, and then went right back to the coast to either sneak on-board a commercial vessel, or to steal another boat.

He knows that if can turn himself into a crab turd without anyone seeing him, he has won. He will have effectively terrorized the LAPD, and those 40 families for the next 40 years. And the name, Christopher Dorner, that he is trying to restore, will be that of a folk legend with the crazy liberal left.

Mission accomplished…

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  2. Jimmy Z says:

    Reading portions of his very lengthy manifesto, it seems to me he had much bigger plans for much more killing, but he kind of screwed himself along the way.

    The most disgusting aspect of this is the hero worship going on – and for the most part those on the internet calling Dorner a hero are not liberal anti-gun nuts, but libertarian and anarchistic nutjobs, including Occupy Wall Street, who hate the police and would disarm them if they had their way. You can even include the rabid Ron Paul crowd – not Ron Paul himself, and not the reasonable folks who are libertarian, but specifically the libertarians who lean toward anarchy.

    • BC says:

      I read the entire thing.

      He would have to be delusional to believe that he could expose his identity and then manage to win in a tactical battle with the LAPD. I don’t think he is. Any idiot would know, especially one with police training, that posting a manifesto about what you are about to do would do just that. I don’t think he is an idiot.

      That is why the entire piece above is about how I don’t believe that he ever “had much bigger plans for much more killing, but he kind of screwed himself along the way.”

      I think he put all of that in his manifesto so that he could terrorize the mentioned people and the LAPD — from now on, by vanishing.

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