Nancy Pelosi agree’s with our 1st amendment right to bear arms.

For you liberal readers: Keep studying, you will figure out how piss ignorant this women really is.

Cable New Guy – This babbling freakin blow hole NEEDS to go, this thing can not put together one coherent thought much less maintain the rights provided us by our founding fathers.

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One Response to Nancy Pelosi agree’s with our 1st amendment right to bear arms.

  1. Jon Brin says:

    Nancy Polici is sooooo frickin stupid that is shows that California is even dumber than a box of rocks because they keep sending her back to washington…. She was the #4 person in line for the presidency and she doesn’t even know the difference between the 1st and 2nd US Amendments….. She is as dumb as Hank Johnson from Georgia that believed the island of Guam might tip over and sink if Marines were stationed there…. Now Nancy is in that category… You frickin moron……All libertards are this imbecilic…..

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